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I've always been asked how I do my nails. So to all who are curious, I hope this blog answers your questions. -Bruni
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Here they are! My Sephora inspired nails

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Was inspired by a Sephora window display to create these nails, will be posting a tutorial on Youtube very soon. Keep your eyes peeled!

Matte Nail Polish Design

I’ve had this nail polish for a while now (even though it looks like a light tealish color it’s really a darker greenish teal, I couldn’t get the camera to pick the color up correctly) 

it’s more like the color of these jeans…

But yeah, when I got it, I knew It changed color but I was surprised when it turned matte when it dried. The quality is amazing for the $2.80 that I paid for it. Anyways so I’ve always wanted to do a design with clear nail polish on matte nail polish, I just did simple lines with a flicked end but it looks really cool :D

before clear polish design….

after clear polish, (remember, the color’s actually a greenish teal, not a light blue, damn camera)

And there you have it :D Enjoy

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